Welcome to Devonshire Consulting International.

Throughout history we have seen high quality gems and fine jewellery used as a component in thriving portfolios. All the way from Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon to the “Crown Jewels” of Great Britain. Our opinion is that this tendency continues through to the present because consumers benefit from alternatives that can offer the risk-reward characteristics associated with quality gems like coloured diamonds.

At Devonshire, our success and reputation will be built on maintaining long and fruitful relationships with our clients and staying knowledgeable of the coloured diamond and precious gemstone markets. Our goal is to share that knowledge and in doing so - keeping our clientele educated and up to date.
Whether you are already a collector and want to learn how to enhance and improve your collection or even consult on the best strategy to market - - OR, if you are the novice looking for some insight and guidance on building a well maintained and diversified collection, our team of consultants can be of assistance.

Acquiring and collecting precious gems is more than just fun – follow a few simple principles and it can also be quite lucrative. Generally, over the long term, most precious gemstones appreciate, and like any other commodity – timing, buying right, and selling right are key issues in being successful.

There are however very specific advantages that make them uniquely valuable including the fact they are the most private, portable and concentrated form of wealth known to man. Can you think of anything the size of your fingernail that can fetch more than $1,000,000? We can’t!

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