Because high quality precious gems are so valuable it's necessary to have a universal method of assessing their worth for both industry professionals and consumers alike. Although what's commonly referred to as "The 4 C's" was initially designed to grade and evaluate white diamonds, variations exist for all high quality, finished (as opposed to rough) gemstones.

The value of any one stone depends on all 4 these measurements. For example, a very large stone could be valued at a lower cost than one that's smaller due to the fact that it's lacking in one or more of the other three categories. At Devonshire Consulting International we will take the time to ensure you understand the alternatives and get the best value whether you are building or adding to a collection or simply looking for the perfect showpiece for a piece of jewellery.

The first "4 C's" will give you a great deal of information about a stone’s characteristics and value, but they can’t begin to describe one elusive quality – beauty. To do that, you’ll need to experience the offerings from Devonshire Consulting with your very own eyes.


Recently, a “5th C” has become well established along with Carat, Cut, Colour & Clarity as part of how a diamond and other high quality gemstones may be categorized - Certification.

Although Certification isn't a physical property by which a stone can be graded by, the industry does acknowledge the importance of Certification by a well reputed gemological laboratory so as to provide the buyer with a complete scientific report of a gem. Certification of a gemstone provides the buyer with an independent, third party assurance as to the colour, the clarity, the carat weight, and sometimes the origin or suspected origin of a gem (for example; Burma Ruby).

That certification, also referred to as a grading report, is a complete evaluation of that stone and should be performed by a qualified professional with the help of specified gemological instruments. Each recognizable, individual characteristic of that stone should be listed on the certificate.


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