Emeralds are the premier gem of the beryl family and for more than 4,000 years, they’ve been among the most valuable of all jewels. They are fascinating, radiant and incredibly valuable and have the most beautiful, intense and brilliant green imaginable – emerald green. Emeralds are the only major gemstone expected to have visible inclusions, in fact any Emerald without inclusions is suspected of being synthetic or imitation and top quality Emeralds can even be more valuable than (white) Diamonds.

The world's finest Emeralds originate from the Muzo and Chivor Mines in Colombia, South America. They’re tremendously valuable and sought after for their beauty and for the fact they remain one of the most portable concentrated forms of wealth known to man. Although they can be mined in different parts of the world, Colombian Emeralds are still considered to be the finest and you can only find Colombian Emeralds in Colombia. That is to say, they’re unique to their location and more importantly – they’re NOT unlimited. A 5 – 10 ct gem quality stone being produced these days is like a needle in a hay stack. Large stones are precious because they don’t come in truckloads.

Investing in stocks, homes or properties may become worthless, if a real threat ever became present and people don’t run for their lives with gold bullion or bags of dollar bills, but they may with gemstones. They remain the most compact and valuable collectable of all time. Colombian Emeralds have been known as one of the best choices among all precious gems, but you need to know what to look for! Here are some points we feel are important that may help maximize your returns on Emerald acquisitions:


• As with most gems, high quality, large stones are much more valuable and rarer than smaller ones.

• Colombian Emeralds will usually resale for a higher premium (compared to Emeralds mined in another part of the world).

• Cleaner Emeralds over 3.00 carats with good colour may be sold for higher than comparable size white diamonds.



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