Which colour would you associate with love, passion and power? There’s only one answer – Red. Red is the colour of love. It exudes warmth and a deep sense of strength. Red is also the colour of the Ruby. In the fascinating world of coloured stones, the Ruby is the undisputed ruler.

For thousands of years, the Ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. In addition to that, it is extremely rare, especially in its finer qualities. Of the world's Rubies, the finest quality can be found in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Burmese Rubies are prized for their hue and high degree of saturation.

Burma’s supply of Rubies and Sapphires was always limited as to what already exists. No more are being made…at least not in our lifetime. It takes eons of time to produce a natural Ruby. As demands increase for natural gemstones from Burma, today’s wise collector will reap the benefits. Because of the scarcity of top quality Rubies from Burma, collectors are expecting to see much steeper prices for goods in the years to come. Some long time precious gem dealers have recently reported their returning empty-handed from trips to Myanmar. Not because they balked at paying unusually high prices – it’s because virtually none were available.

Demand remains high for top-quality Rubies, which means as supplies continue to dwindle, we hope to see a rapid shift from a buyer's market to a seller's market – one that could carry Ruby prices higher than they've ever been.


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