Learn to love high quality gems for their beauty, their privacy, and portability. Align yourself with knowledgeable experts and remember the strongest case for high quality or precious gems is that the demand continues to increase and their supplies continue to diminish. The rule of Supply and Demand is pretty simple. Usually high demands and low supplies equal appreciation.

Gems are considered a hedge against not only inflation but almost any type of economic turmoil or uncertainty. Through history we have seen examples of gems being used as a last resort form of wealth preservation and they have been key in certain historical accounts as an element of survival so much so that they've earned the title of "crisis commodity".

We would advise to not buy any type of colored stone (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.) without certification (Grading Report) from a recognized 3rd party Gemological Laboratory. For beginning collectors, this is critical. This lab is considered the final arbitrator in "country of origin", treatment issues, and the 4 C's. If you are paying the price for a Kashmir Sapphire, Burma Ruby, or Colombian Emerald, make sure the stone is accompanied with a certificate stating the country of origin. Why 3rd party Certification? This is the best way to ensure the integrity of the stone is intact. Simply put - the Lab should not sell stones and the company selling the stone should not provide certification services.

View your collecting of high quality gems as a long-term venture. Allow time to acquire and then also to liquidate. Gems are similar to artwork, rather than precious metals like gold for example. Proper planning can alleviate this potential problem. Gems can be instantly liquid, but at what price?

Buy the best you can afford. Usually in up markets, "the best appreciates the fastest".

Beware of stones that are sold in sealed containers with a warning that opening the container may compromise the integrity of what's inside. At Devonshire Consulting International Inc. we are proud of the certification and presentation of all of our high quality gemstones. You'll notice the simple presentation is secure and attractive and the easy to pop open case allows you to easily inspect what you've acquired.


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