To stay informed and to keep our clients informed, we continuously scour dozens of news sources to keep up with the fascinating world of Coloured Diamonds and high quality gemstones. Check back often for the most interesting and up to date developments relating to strategies, auctions and more!

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Canada's diamond rush (September 2007, CBC News)

From (Canadian Broadcast Corporation), September 2007

From Canada’s first diamond discovery in 1991, the “Great White North” has developed into a thriving producer of fine quality diamonds.

Diamonds Attract Funds as Largest Gem Prices Surge 76% in Year (July 2008,

From, July 2008

Fascinating insight in to how coloured and colourless diamonds are permeating the world of high finance.

Diamond sells for recession-busting $24.3 Million (December 2008,

From, December 2008

WOW!! Record breaking 400 year old 35.56 ct Wittelsbach blue diamond nets more than $24 Million at auction.


From Rio Tinto, March 2009

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine is set to showcase its rare blue diamonds to the world in a unique sale known as the “Once in a Blue Moon” collection.

Blooming Bridal

From The Israeli Diamond Industry, April 2009

Coloured diamonds and other high quality coloured gemstones are becoming a very popular alternative in the world of engagement rings.

Iconic Argyle Pink Diamond Tender is showcased for the first time in India

From Rio Tinto, August 2009

Read about Rio Tinto’s exclusive pink diamond tender and their extending a showcase in India.

"Vivid pink" diamond sells for record $10.8 million (December 2009, Reuters)

From, December 2009

Absolutely Stunning - a rare, 5.00 ct pink diamond was auctioned off for a record $10.8 Million in Hong Kong.

Marilyn was right: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

From The Globe and, December 2009

Diamond analysts, precious-metal experts and financial industry observers all chime in on the safety of acquiring diamonds.

Taking a Shine to Brown Rock (December 2009, The New York Times)

From The New York, December 2009

Interesting report on the increasing popularity of brown diamonds, also referred to as “champagne”, “cognac”, and “chocolate” coloured.

Canada to unveil diamond market

From The Globe and, January 2010

Big news in Canada as the world’s 29th International Diamond Bourse (diamond trading marketplace) opens in Toronto.

Are Diamonds an Investor's Best Friend? (February 2010,

From, February 2010 chimes in with a nice concise article.

Penultimate Valentine's Gift - a Rare, Red, Heart-Shape Diamond Available from Scarselli Diamonds (February 2010, Earth Times)

From Earth, February 2010

Looking for something special for that someone special? The rarity of red coloured diamonds is astounding! Check out this magnificent 1.71 ct heart shaped $10 Million diamond.


Sotheby's to auction rare, blue diamond in April (March 2010, Reuters)

From, March 2010

High expectations for a stunning 5.16 ct, pear-shaped internally flawless Fancy Vivid Blue gem scheduled to be sold in Hong Kong.


Blue diamond fetches record price

From, May 2010

Rare blue diamond sells for a record breaking 10.5 Million Swiss Francs ($9,500,000 USD)


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